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Social Media Strategy Development

In today’s society, most businesses are aware of the importance of having a social media presence for their brand. They’ve either opened accounts or created an in-house team to handle their social media marketing. More often than not, companies are not utilizing social media channels in the most effective and income-producing manner. Andy and the In South Florida team are here to work alongside your business and your staff to help you create a social media marketing strategy that not only increases sales and revenue, but brand awareness and online presence. We will assess your current efforts, reach and engagement, and analyze your target audience and demographic to propose a plan that is built around your industry.  We keep up to date with all the emerging technologies and best practices, ensuring your social media accounts are always on the cutting edge.

Social Media Training

Social Media applications and technologies are constantly evolving.  Few businesses can keep up with the latest updates, best practices and how they can impact their industry. Andy is constantly researching the latest social media trends and marketing capabilities, and testing each tool to be adequately informed and practiced before implementing it into our clients’ social ecosystem.  We train our clients on every component, making sure they are well-versed and comfortable utilizing each application, and are always available to answer any questions and offer assistance when needed. We make it our mission to stay up to date on emerging technologies and how they can apply to your business and industry, so you can stay up to date.

We offer hands-on, customized social media workshops for individuals, small groups and companies. We cover technologies, applications and tools, and introduce strategies that will advance your social marketing knowledge and exceed your expectations.

Video and Live Stream Marketing

Video content is by far the most engaging content when it comes to social media marketing. Each channel has created it’s own platform for Live Streaming, including being able to broadcast live in 360.  This new ability to engage with your potential customers in real-time is priceless, and yet many businesses seem hesitant to begin, or simply don’t understand the potential.  Andy has extraordinary vision when it comes to advising In South Florida’s clients on how to implement Live Streaming into their social media marketing strategy, as well as how to produce recorded video content. Businesses need to learn how to tell stories, create narratives, build relationships, communicate with consumers, and create learning for your organization via the multiple live streaming technologies.

Client Testimonials

The instructor was well informed and conveyed the workshop information easily and with enthusiasm. In fact, his enthusiasm was contagious and filled the room.

Dave G.

I received information on how to use the most current features for the popular apps that we use at the office, Facebook and Twitter. I did not realize all the “hidden” tools that Twitter had.

Chris Miranda

I learned to use all the social media communication tools. The new video software demonstrations and hands-on learning opportunities were really helpful. I highly recommend this training !!

Michael Orta

Andy was excellent and very knowledgeable. It was great doing the workshop exercises on our phone, all hands-on learning. I would go to any other workshops he would offer.

Melisa Salado

The training was an incredible learning experience, lots of new stuff learned. Loved learning about the “interactive” apps that make my job using social media networks easier.

Michelle Hammontree

I learned so much about Twitter!  Andy is an amazing, encouraging, dynamic and very knowledgeable social media expert.

Luis Lorenzo

I really enjoyed the Periscope and Facebook live training as its an avenue I haven’t touched. I loved the workshop manual, great reference. Andy’s enthusiasm is contagious.

Alysha Klein

The workshop was very in-depth and Andy answered all of my questions. He also offered hand-on help during class and gave me great examples on how to implement what I learned.

Michelle Bryan

With over 20 years in the online marketing world, Andy Rodriguez and his team can help you understand and navigate today’s complex marketing landscape.

With a proven history spanning 2 decades of online marketing experience, Andy can help you develop clear, effective strategies that will deliver results and help take your business to the next level.

It’s always a good idea to have a marketing professional with fresh eyes look at a business from the outside and help identify opportunities and any potential issues that may be too close for the client to see themselves.

Fill out the form and let’s arrange a time to have a confidential conversation about growing your business. We can discuss your current marketing strategies,  who you want to reach and connect with and what you feel is not working well. We can give you suggestions and fresh new ideas using the latest communication technologies.

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