Chef M has always had a passion for food and the art of creating flavor. He has been the family’s favorite chef who cooked for every event and awaited holidays to showcase his culinary talents. When he met his wife Bella, she became the complement of his creations in the kitchen, which uncovered for me a bigger craze and appreciation for the art of cooking. She brought to his world her Mexican taste, spice and love of all the “fiery” components that currently form a main part the LHG menu. To this day, their weekends are enjoyed by merging flavors, experimenting on dishes and blending spices to perfection.

It was not until his mom, Tere “Chuchi” Perez, who has been in the restaurant business over 20 years, approached them with a vision that sparked the inspiration to launch the LHG venture. They became part of the pioneers of the food trucks in Miami. There were only about four food trucks on the road when they out to the streets with the “fire-wrapped” trailer. It was challenging but everyday they went out with courage, love, passion and priding themselves to present authenticity and zest in their food.

Today, that food truck has evolved into one of Kendall’s most popular restaurants – Latin House Grill. The entire menu has an unquestionable unique taste, as each dish is prepared to perfection with attention to detail, and the burgers?? They are out of this world! The special touch you find in their dishes are brought together by Chuchi’s very own Latin roots. LHG does not only focus in the savory experience, but prides itself in providing superior excellent service to its “Stalkers”. Every visit to LHG is an individual journey, constantly evolving, always surprising and open for interpretation and discovery. Much like the ocean waves as they beautifully and effortlessly ride at the shore are never the same, no two meals are identical and no two experiences are exactly alike, but every visit is undeniably pleasurable and flavorful.

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